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Hunter-Bowhunter Education

Monadnock Rod & Gun Club is proud to have a well-staffed Hunter-Bowhunter Education Team.  All Members of our team are certified instructors through the New Hampshire Fish & Game Deptartment, and teach the state-run program multiple times annually.  During the year classes are held before each season for Hunter-Bowhunter Education. And as of 2014, MRGCI has been teaching the combined Hunter Ed (firearms) and Bowhunter Ed (archery) course, which will be the only course (which can be completed via the Field Day option at other locations) offered by NHF&G after January 1, 2015.

There is always something to learn about tree stand safety, firearm and bow safety, game management, survival techniques and compass use... no matter your age or experience.  Our classroom demographics range from young children to adults in their late 70's!

Hunter/Bowhunter Education

The Hunter-Bowhunter Education Team schedules classes just before spring turkey season and before the fall rifle season.  This allows new sportspeople just taking the classes a chance to practice what they learned while it is still fresh in the mind.  The following is the schedule of the two seasonal classes.  Please contact the Chief Instructor Tom Harvey if you have questions.  Seating is on a first-come, first-served basis.  You must register online through New Hampshire Fish & Game's Hunter Ed. Or contact Tom, and he can help you to register.  You may email him, just click on his name: Tom Harvey  . Classes are $5.00 and include a materials packet and a successful completion patch for you to keep.

Our team is formed of enthusiastic and experienced Club Members and associates. It includes Members of past teams, and several hunters and teachers trained and certified in several related fields from First Aid to Firearms and Bow training, including New Hampshire State Certified Guides and trappers. Tom Harvey was voted in as Chief in May of 2011.

The team consists of: Chief - Tom Harvey, Martin Bowen, Ken Caisse, Mark Carbone, George Streicher, Butch Taylor, and Chris Tremblay.

Two 3-Day Traditional Hunter/Bowhunter Ed Courses have been scheduled for the 2019 season. No Field Days are scheduled and none are planned thus far. Please check the NH Fish & Game website for registration opportunities. Please be aware that as of January of 2015, NHF&G has now combined the Traditional Hunter Ed (firearms training oriented) Course and Bow Ed (bow hunter training oriented) into a single course. There is no longer an option to take the Bowhunter Ed course separately. So, participating in any of the classes listed below will cover both classes required for New Hampshire licensing for both the regular firearms hunting license and an archery hunting license upon successful completion. And as a note, if you have already participated in a Hunter Ed course and are in need of the Bowhunter Ed course (or vice versa) to attain your license, then you must take the combined course, it is your only option.

Spring - 2019

Traditional Course is scheduled - Class Limit - 50

 Thursday  Apr 25
   5:30PM to    8:30PM
 Saturday  Apr 27    7:00AM to    4:30PM
 Sunday  Apr 29    7:00AM to    4:30PM
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Early Summer - 201X

No Course is scheduled - Class Limit - 50

 N/A  Mon Dy    6:00PM to    9:00PM
 N/A  Mon Dy    7:15AM to    4:30PM
 N/A  Mon Dy    7:15AM to    4:30PM
No Course Scheduled at NHF&G


Late Summer - 2019

Traditional Course is scheduled - Class Limit - 50

 Thursday  Aug 22    5:30PM to    8:30PM
 Saturday  Aug 24    7:00AM to    4:30PM
 Sunday  Aug 25    7:00AM to    4:30PM
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Please check the NH Fish & Game website if you missed our class.

Bowhunter Education

There is no longer a separate Bowhunter Ed class. As of January 2015, the only available option is the combined Hunter-Bowhunter Ed class which is run in the 3-Day Traditional format, or the single Field Day format which includes a large online contingent.


MRGCI's Hunter Ed Team is Chiefed by Tom Harvey and Committee Headed by George Streicher, plus eight more enthusiastic and experienced Instructors. That's a staff of ten Instructors who help to deliver a quality course to the public.

The first "intro" portion of the course occurs on Thursday evening. The students take home study material packages to review before the Saturday and Sunday weekend class.

New Hampshire
Hunting Seasons

Hunter Education

Hunter Ed Online

A Hunter-Bowhunter Ed Field Day provides the option to take the "book learning" section of the course online. Then, it is necessary to schedule and take the "Field" portion of the class in order to complete the course for certification.
The "Field" work includes firearms handling, live fire on a rifle range, and some land navigation and orienteering-type excersizes.

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