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Children's Fishing Derby

72nd Annual Robert C. Heywood
Memorial Children's Fishing Derby

Saturday June 1, 2019

9am till 12pm

Children ages 2-15

History of the Derby

Children have been gleefully reeling in fish as large as they are for over 70 years now.  Monadnock Rod and Gun Club has put on the Annual Children's Fishing Derby for children ages 2 to 15 of the Monadnock Region since 1947.  This derby is unlike any other and is possibly the oldest and longest running derby of it's kind in the world! What is so special about the derby?  Everything is free for the children; from the derby, to the food, to the prizes*. Nothing is skimped on, nothing is overlooked.  The Club's pond is stocked with fish ranging from 8" to 24".  Some fish are over 5lbs!  Species are rainbow trout, brook trout, and the ever-elusive brown trout.

*EVERY child receives a prize.

How Do We Do It?

Through a lot of dedicated volunteer work, raffles and donations, the  Monadnock Rod and Gun Club is extremely proud of being able to run this annual public derby, and wish to thank all of the sponsors and donors who support the event:


American Legion John Humiston Post #11


American Legion Ladies Auxiliary Post #11


Sons of the American Legion Squadron #11


Veterans of Foreign Wars Men's Auxiliary #5613


EBF Manufacturing - Trophy Plates/Prizes


Savron Graphics - Event Posters


Pelletier's Sporting Goods - Prizes


The Hawkeye newspaper - discounted advertising


Lull Farms - Milford, NH


Lanni's Orchards - Lunenburg, MA


Minuteman Support Services - Prizes


Belletete's Lumber & Hardware - Advertising Space


...and other generous contributors

If you or your company wish to help put on a memorably glorious day for children of the Monadnock Region, then please contact us for more information on how you can do so.

How Groups are Divided & Prizes Distributed

The Derby is divided into
4 basic age groups:

Pee-Wee  2 to 5
Cub  6 to 9
Jr. Youth  10 to 12
Youth  13 to 15

Upon registration, each child is given a numbered tag to wear.  Each group has it's own table of prizes with each age-group prize table consisting of essentially the same prizes taking into account age.  The owners of the Top 3 fish in each group get first pick of the prizes, largest fish first.  PeeWee group chooses first.  After the top 3 winners have chosen their prizes, tags from each child in the age group are put into a hat and drawn randomly from their prize table.  When all children in that age group have received their prizes, the next table is open the next age group (in the order of Cub, Jr. Youth then Youth).  Eventually all children receive a prize.

Food & Drinks

All food and drink are purchased by MRGCI or are donated by private persons, local restaurants, supermarkets and other businesses.  We would like to thank last year's sponsors (in no particular order):


Mrs. Pauline Halfpenny


Mr. Nelson LeTourneau


Mrs. Della Heywood


Mrs. Marilyn Mercier


Mr. & Mrs. Tom & Kathy Harvey


Mr. & Mrs. Ty & Elise Taylor


Mr. & Mrs. Butch & Beverly Taylor


Mr. & Mrs. Kevin & Jenifer Rukstela


Minuteman Support Services

Derby Rules

  1. Worms and PowerBait Only

  2. NO treble hooks

  3. Adults may NOT assist with the exception of casting

  4. Child must reel in fish.

  5. Child must be touching pole.  If child's interest is lost the line must be removed from water.


Derby Trophies

Trophies are Custom
Water-Jet Cut
Stainless Steel

These trophies are keepers, not just a run-of-the-mill assemblage of plastic tubes, bolts, nuts, and shiny bits that gets thrown out in a few years. These are something that you keep and hold onto like the memories that are created on the day that you got it.

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