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Monadnock Rod and Gun Club, Inc.

Monadnock Rod and Gun Club Trout Pond
Monadnock Rod and Gun Club's Trout Pond
 MRGCI Upcoming Events

ATTENTION: Please take the time to read the documentation posted inside the Club at obvious and highly visible, strategic locations. A physical mailer will be arriving in your mail boxes.

Annual Club Elections occur at the Monthly Meeting on December 10th.

Please refer to the Events Calendar for up-to-date information regarding
onsite and offsite events and general scheduling at MRGCI.

 Although we are facing signifcant stresses as a Club at this time. We will continue to perform volunteer work in the surrounding communities, very recently holding a couple of firearms safety courses for the Rindge Crime Watch organization as example. And further, on Saturday October 20th at 6AM, we are continuing a several years tradition of taking down the scarecrows in the center of Jaffrey. Cleaning up, and removing the 'crows, and stacking the stakes and such on behalf of TEAM Jaffrey, saving them time and money in-the-process. We are gratified to do it. So, please Members, if you can help, just show up downtown at 6am on that Saturday morning to help out your community and continue our tradition of volunteerism. Bring gloves, sidecutters or lineman-style pliers (to cut the zip-ties that hold the scarecrows to the garden stakes) and a vehicle or trailer that could help move the scarecrows if possible. That said, just yourself is quite enough. Many hands make for easy labor.

 As many of you are aware, as of the Monthly Member's Meeting on Monday December 10th, the Club's Firearms Range remains closed as it has been since July 25th until further notice. The Club's counsel is working on that issue presenty. As mentioned above, a mailer (snail mail) is on the way, and please make note of the posted signage inside of the Club.

 We had original court dates set for September 6th and the 7th in Manchester, until the court notified our attorney that owing to scheduling pressures, the date was postponed to November 19th and the 20th. However, those dates were postponed soon afterward. So, as of now, we have no court date scheduled and await news from the court. !!! We have received notice of dates from the Manchester Court; December 18th at 1PM, and December 19th at 9AM at the Hillsborough Superior Court Northern District 300 Chestnut Street in Manchester. - NOTE: As of December 6th, the December dates have been postponed and the case has been continued with no new dates set.

 In the meantime, the Club is open for all activities except shooting on the firearms range, so no shooting at the Club period. We have been forced to cancel all activities related to the range's use, like the Weekly Rimfire Shoots that were open to the public, a BSA Merit Badge and training shoot, several Crotched Mt. CMARS Rehabilitative shooting events, our Member's Day Ruger Public invite shoot, the RWVA Appleseed Riflery Training shoots, and at this point, our annual Turkey Shoot and perhaps a benefit shoot for the Monadnock Squadron Civil Air Patrol as we conducted last fall. That unfortunately includes sighting-in for hunting season. Those are just items off of the top of my head, more are traditionally scheduled on-the-fly.

 At our August NHF&G class, we were not able to conduct live-fire training for the first time ever. The added experience is one that we certainly missed providing for our students. Twelve of whom among this last class were young enough to require parental permission slips!

 And of course, being as small an organization (some 300 Household Memberships comprising perhaps 800 area adults and children) as we are provides a severe financial burden on the Club coffers. We are doing everything possible to maintain our defense, and gladly accept any help offered, whether professional advice and assistance if you think that you may have something to offer, or just plain cash.

 To that end, the Board has opened a GoFundMe webpage (link below) if you wish to contribute to the defense of your Club.

  GoFundMe.com - Donation toward MRGCI Legal Fees

 As a way to generate funds, we are opening up payment for the 2019 season now. Regular annual Household Membership dues are still $100. Payment details are on the application/renewal form as per usual. Links to this form are at a few locations on this page, and of course on our Membership Info page too.

 Thank you for your consideration. An email outlining our situation in much greater detail will be inbound to the Membership with active email accounts as supplied on your application/renewal forms or by email. And, as mentioned, if you think that you might have a skill or knowledge that could help the Club at this time, do not hesitate to contact me.

QUESTIONS: contact@mrgci.com

Annual Member Renewals and First-Time Applicants:

RENEWAL information
Paper Snail Mail Renewals will not be going out this year.
You may renew or apply for the 2019 season anytime now ...just continue reading below.

EVERY RENEWING and NEW APPLICANT must fill out this two-page form (and all Household Members must fill out the Liability Waiver Release Form). The Form is available at the link below (and on every Club webpage).


Dues for 2018 and 2019 are still $100. Your Membership is not pro-rated, it runs from January 1st till December 31st annually regardless of the date that you join.

Our Membership is at capacity currently (300 Family Memberships). If current Members do not renew their Membership on or by February 11, 2018* (note that this date has been extended through March 11th), they lose their Membership status and may re-apply. At that time, the unprocessed applications from the "Wait List" are handled in the chronological order that they have been received. If you are on the "Wait List", and this occurs, you will be notified immediately and be given the option to come to vote for Membership at the next Monthly Member's Meeting.

*March 11, 2019

More detailed infomation is available on our Membership Info page and please read this README PDF file.

 MRGCI Upcoming Events


As of July 25th the Firearms Range is CLOSED due to a warrant served by the town of Peterborough until further notice.

All other areas of the Club are OPEN for use as per usual. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Please keep an eye on our online Events Calendar for the current status, it may change daily.

ATTENTION: All New Members voted in at the Monthly Meeting must attend a mandatory orientation in order to receive your Membership Card(s) and access code.

Your first opportunity to do this falls on every Sunday at 9AM immediately following that Meeting unless otherwise specified. You can find this information in our Events Calendar, which is the final arbiter of dates and events, and is the reference to use when verifying the dates and times of any event here at the Club.

You will meet under the pavilion at the Club. The orientation should take about a half-hour. Please contact orientation@mrgci.com if you intend to participate, or to arrange for an alternate date.

QUESTIONS: contact@mrgci.com

For important details about events, be sure to reference the Event Calendar which is the final arbiter on dates and scheduling, or use the link in the upper left-hand column of this page.


 What's Happening Quick Look:


* Event Posters for Download and Printout: Observe the image links in the lower right hand column of this page.

* Below is a brief look at highlights in our current year's schedule. For present and future planning, please refer to the comprehensive list that includes more dates and details along with both tentatively scheduled and proposed events. All of which can be found on the final arbiter, our Events Calendar.


2019    ...refer to the Event Calendar for up-to-date-edits!

* Dec 10th: Monthly Board & Member's Meetings 6:30PM Private Board Meeting 7:30PM Officers and Member's Meeting upstairs at the American Legion in downtown Jaffrey

* Jan 14th: Monthly Board & Member's Meetings 6:30PM Private Board Meeting 7:30PM Officers and Member's Meeting upstairs at the American Legion in Jaffrey

* Feb 11th: Monthly Board & Member's Meetings 6:30PM Private Board Meeting 7:30PM Officers and Member's Meeting upstairs at the American Legion in Jaffrey - ATTENTION: If you have not renewed your Household Membership from last year by the end of this meeting in person or by mail, you lose your Member in Good Standing status, and you will have to apply as a new Member. If you were not a Member in 2017, then you are automatically a new Member and must apply as one regardless of past Membership.


    ...for a comprehensive list including more details, along with proposed events see the Programs & Events page and the Events Calendar



Welcome to the Monadnock Rod and Gun Club, Inc. web site.  In this web structure, you'll find information about the club, it's committees, its commitment to the community, membership information and calendar of events. We invite you to peruse this web structure and even visit us at the club to view it in person. If you would like to make a visit, you must first contact us to converse and set up an appointment. This is a private Club, trespassers will be prosecuted.

Please note:


Monadnock Rod & Gun Club is a private club, and membership is required to use the property and rifle range.  Members may bring guests, but must accompany them and pay Range Guest fees, if applicable.


Any child (age 12 or under) may fish the pond under the supervision of a club member.  If no member is present, use of the pond is forbidden.


Trespassers will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

During the winter months, telephone messages are rarely answered in a timely manner.  You may contact us via one of the two numbers on the contact page, although email is best.

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Next meeting:

Feb 11th - 7:30pm

May through October meetings are held on the Club grounds under the pavilion. November through April meetings are held at the American Legion, John Humiston Post 11 in downtown Jaffrey.

2018 Dues:

Dues are $100/yr.
Renewal dues must be paid in full on or by the February Member's Meeting, or your status as a Member in Good Standing will expire, and the time count as a Member in Good Standing and as an Equity Member will begin anew.

NOTE: To fish the pond is now a $10 per adult yearly fee to cover the cost of the stocking of the Club's pond. Members who pay this fee receive a special stamp on their cards.
Please print and use a membership application when renewing your dues by clicking here.

NOTE: PayPal online payment processing is available.


Firearms Range Rules now posted.

The rules & regulations pertaining to the Firearms Range have been posted under the Firearms Range Committee page.



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